More Interactivity with Research-Based Lessons

Students and teachers can move objects on the same board at the same time. Teachers can see student work in real time.

Our curriculum supplements the CPA/CRA Framework for math grades K-Algebra 1. Synchronous and asynchronous content available.

We help teachers cut down on prep time with ready-made lessons and activities.


Research on the CRA Framework

CRA methods to teach place value, fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, algebra, and word problems are supported by research. Students who rely on memorizing procedural steps and lack the conceptual understanding related to foundational operations will not understand why steps are used. Mancl, Miller,& Kennedy, 2012

CRA provides an opportunity for increased interaction with content and increased frequency of response for all students Witzel, 2005


Ready-Made Lessons

We help cut lesson prep time significantly by providing ready-made lessons for your convenience.

Teachers can search through and preview lessons they love. Each lesson, virtual manipulative, guided practice, or game is meant to last about 20 minutes.

Quick Links - No Student Login

If you are virtual and just want to launch a lesson, there is no student login required.

You can choose to “Get Link” for each lesson and paste the link into your preferred video conferencing platform or learning management system. Students click the link, enter their name, and immediately begin the lesson.

If you’re using a lesson on a SmartBoard, you can easily project it by just pushing “Launch”.

Student Progress Tracker

Students and teachers can see how students are progressing on asynchronous activities.

Asynchronous activities have voice-over content as well as short quiz questions to see if they mastered the lesson.

SEL Lessons Now Available!

The Generation Text Online framework provides a process to develop a SEL skill set and foundation in order to set young adults up for successful relationships and a process for resolving conflict, solving problems and self-advocating.

Engage Students Now

Access our database of interactive lessons, for your synchronous instruction

Please note: Only Kindergarten-5rd grade resources available currently. We are adding new content daily and plan to release 6th-Algebra 1 content by February 2021.


$ 0 7 days

  • 7 days free
  • Full access to our lessons with your students with shareable link only
  • Full Web Conferencing Platform
  • Add-on to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, Etc.
  • Formative assessments embedded in the lessons

$ 20 per month

  • Monthly Subscription
  • Everything in Free Trial, plus:
  • Create classes and assign student accounts
  • Unlimited Quizzes available after lesson
  • Track student growth
  • Assessment-driven recommendations (coming soon)

3 + educators

  • Annual License
  • Everything in Educator Plan, plus:
  • Unlimited Use for Campus / District
  • Alignment to State Tests
  • Alignment to State Standards
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Assessments

About Us

We advocate for students with diverse learning styles.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

- Benjamin Franklin

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