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Multiplayer games and activities in a digital library for pre-k to 8.

What is Uplift K12?

Uplift K12 is a digital online-platform that includes digital games and activities for students to learn, collaborate, and play while learning about math.

Benefits for Schools, Tutors, and Students

Uplift K12 gets to the root of math anxiety and boosts students' confidence for improved learning outcomes.

Teachers and Tutors

Keep Students Engaged

When teaching, the educator has the ability to monitor student engagement to mimic an in-person experience.



Our individual educator plans and enterprise plan ensure that we can support your school, no matter the budget. The school plan includes Professional Development.


Eliminates Math Anxiety

This is important to us. We believe that students, as well as adults, suffer from math anxiety. Our tool can help relieve that anxiety by providing multiple approaches to a single problem.

What Others are Saying

Patricia H.

3rd Grade Teacher

We really enjoyed using this platform today and loved how the expanded form place value activity had a variety of activities for the students (different ways they needed to demonstrate mastery).

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